Hota ARES 6kw Steel


Hota ARES 6kw Steel

Hota Ares 6kw – Contemporary Steel Matt Inset Stove For Fireplaces

The beautiful finish of our steel stoves is second to none. This matt steel textured finish compliments most house settings from classical to modern.

Style: Cassette

Orientation: Portrait

Fascia: Steel


 Our robustly made inserts are made with the finest grade materials and are built to deliver superb heat output over many years of service.

Optional External Air

HÔTA ARES Stoves offer external air control as an option on each appliance. Simple for the retailer to stock, simple to fit, simple to operate!

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Dimensions: W: 550mm / H: 610mm / D: 336mm

Airwash Technology

 HÔTA ARES Stoves use a Scandinavian-designed system which provides for a vent to draw in cool air at the top of the appliance to wash down the inside window, thus keeping the glass clean and aiding combustion.

Convection System

 HÔTA ARES Stoves include a convection system, whereby cool air is drawn from the room into the convection chamber, the air is heated as it rises within the stove which then flows out into the room.

Five Year Warranty

HÔTA ARES Stoves come with a five year warranty. Please fill in the warranty card found in the instruction manual and return to us at HÔTA to ensure you receive our 5 year warranty.


CE Approval CE EN 13240 and EN 13229 Approval.

Efficiency HÔTA ARES Stoves are tested up to 80% efficiency

Models Available include the 6kW, 9kW Glass Fronted and 5kW & 8kW Landscape Stoves.

Available with 3 or 4 sided frames